Bring on the Summer!

Hey folks,

I’m Abby Moss, the tour coordinator at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. I have worked at the museum the past four summers and have now returned for my fifth year. There’s a lot to love about working at the museum, primarily the tourists. Getting a chance to talk and connect with the visitors who come through.

Working hard with Commander Gander to get the tours up and running

My work has varied a bit over the course of time I have been here. I started off working on the online database for the museum; putting all the museums collection in an easily accessible manner. To further that project I have also helped created a computer program for our display called “Flight Deck”, a place where everyone can come and get a behind signs look at artifacts, information, and photos. The museum has also recently put together a display for locals who have impacted the aviation world around us, I had a hand on working on that one as well. I also help run the social media for the museum, during the summer but also as a volunteer during the winter months.

So, I have certainly been kept busy these past several years. And while all this could certainly keep me busy full time, this summer I have a completely new job to tackle.

Beyond Words Tours is a very new product being produced this year. It is a tour directly related to the events that had happened in Gander during September 2001 here . This past month I have been extremely busy working towards putting this together. I

have been to more meetings and taken more phone calls than I know what to do with.

This blog will be a place where I can share stories about the people I meet, the locals I know, and everyone in between. I’ll share stories of the things that happen and events that take place. Already this summer I have been touched by so many and I can’t wait to see what the next three months brings along. I have so many stories to share with you, and I am sure you have just as many to share with me.


Gotta love Gander-land!

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