And so we begin…

The tours are officially up and running, we have had a pretty exciting week with the start of them! While we have only had one tour this week, the response and the interest has been unbelievable. The calls and emails are coming in, and we already have people booking well in advance for their visit. I can only imagine it will get busier in the next couple weeks.

We’ve been very busy with distributing rack cards and putting up posters around town and the area! We’d love to see where you heard about us; whether its twitter or you picked up a card at your hotel.

Having already run through the tours a few times, I am excited to show you all these places and tell you about Gander’s story. Some of them you might have not heard before! Plus, I’m like fine cheese, I am only going to get better with age (and practice!).

Not to toot my own horn, but our first review is in from the Newfoundland Dog Company:

I look forward to seeing you over this summer season, cheers!


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