Take a ‘Gander’ at this

Is everyone having an amazing summer like I am??

Having the TIME OF MY LIFE here at the museum! Things don’t get much better than whats on the go around these parts.

The tours are going over so well. People seem to be really loving them. One lady wrote in our guest book that the tour was a “must see” of Gander! Can’t get a much better compliment than that.

The next time you see us rolling around town we will have our van decked out in some wicked decals. Getting her all spruced up for the summer with our branding. Stay tuned for pictures of that.

Besides that things on my end have seemed to slow down a little bit. Since I have completed the tours I have been able to enjoy more time at the museum, which I always love.

One really really exciting thing that has happened was that BroadwayWorld.com wrote an article about Gander and how Come From Away had been driving people towards us. I was named dropped in the article which is pretty cool!!

I would really love to hear from you all, you can get in touch by emailing booking@beyondwordstour.com


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