library room

The library room at NAAM houses most of our books, videos and other documentation.

The North Atlantic Aviation Museum has thousands of photos, documents, books and videos most of which are stored in our library/research room.  We are currently in the process of digitizing most of these records and making them searchable on our website and through a software at the museum.

If you require information which is housed in this library, you are welcome to call the museum or drop by and see our manager, Sandra, who would be more than happy to provide you with access. This service is available to the public at no cost.

Items in our collection which are our copyright may be available for you to use in your works subject to a small fee.

In addition to the photos, documents, books and videos in our collection we have thousands of artifacts which range from believe it or not an old dried out coconut (which amazes us daily) to a Voodoo fighter jet and pretty much everything in between!

If you have something that you think might fit into our collection please do not hesitate to stop by the museum, call us or drop us an email describing exactly what it is that you have and how you feel it relates to our museum and collection.  If the board of directors agrees that it should be acquired by the museum, Sandra will provide you with the appropriate donation form  to fill out.



The museum will be closed until further notice as a precaution amid the growing COVID-19 concerns.

Updates will be made as they become available.

Thank you!

Museum Management