Ferry Command Memorial Hall

Help us “Hangar the Hudson”

The Hudson Bomber is the one of our most prized possessions, and over the years, it has become a symbol of the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. More importantly, the Hudson is a symbol of Gander’s rich aviation and military history, and serves as a testament to all those who served here, and abroad, in the Second World War, especially those who served in the Atlantic Ferry Command.

Our Hudson is one of only a handful left in the world, and currently the only one on external display. For decades, it could be seen mounted in front of Gander International Airport, and was moved to its current location outside the museum in the mid-90s. Although this has allowed the opportunity for the residents of Gander and visitors to see this piece of history at any time, the elements have been taking their toll, and will one day result in a legacy lost.

This is why we need to Hangar the Hudson; to protect and preserve this irreplaceable piece of global and local heritage. This hangar will also serve as a lasting memorial to the Ferry Command.

This project will require a lot of work, and will cost upwards of $5,000,000. Although we will be seeking government support, we will first need to raise a significant portion of these funds.


We are pleased to announce that the museum re-opened on June 29th with some changes to the guest experience.

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