Our Hudson Bomber

Our Hudson is one of the few remaining in the world. Efforts are being made to trace its complete history. From research to date, we know that following its military career, it was flown by Canadian Pacific Airlines and then by a number of photographic survey companies, and was at one time owned by Kenting Airlines

During the Canadian Centennial Year (1967), a group of volunteers at Gander decided to erect a monument to the crews of the Royal Air Force Ferry Command who were so vital to the Allied success. A Hudson bomber located at Field Aviation in Toronto was donated to Gander. The acquisition of this coveted Hudson was largely due to the work of A.J. Lewington, Les Gettel, Jack James and particularly Marsh Jones of EPA for flying the Hudson to Gander on May 17, 1967. Once in Gander the Hudson was mounted on a pedestal near the airport. In 1990, volunteers at Gander’s 103 Rescue Unit refurbished the BW769 and painted it as T9422 to commemorate the historic flight of D.C.T. Bennett of 1940.

The aircraft was also used in the filming of the mini-series “Above and Beyond” (2006), which tells the story of the Atlantic Ferry Command.

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